On-Site Chair Massage – Boost Employee Productivity & Morale

Have you heard about corporate chair massage?


  • Chair massage programs can provide many benefits to your employees and your company. Studies show that employees who receive massages tend to enjoy higher productivity than those who simply rest on breaks. In a study where half the participants rested for 15 minutes, while the other half received a 15-minute massage, those who received the massage showed higher levels of creative thinking, and felt less fatigued than the other half.
  • Chair massage have shown to reduce stress, and lower levels of employee absenteeism. With 50 percent of missed work days tied to stress-related issues, massages can reduce the number of days your employees call off or take sick days.

Better Employee Health

  • Employees who receive massage tend to have lower stress and blood pressure. This can relieve joint pain, muscle aches, and some studies indicate massages can aid the immune system, increasing resistance to colds and flu.

On-Site Chair Massage – Not as Expensive as You Think

  • On-site chair massage is actually very reasonably priced. The average cost is $1.00 per minute, usually 10 or 15 minutes per employee. Staff members feel better and productivity and attendance improve, leading to more profitability for you.
  • Best of all, money invested into these programs can be tax deductible, making it all the more advantageous for you to treat your workers to massages on a regular basis.