Updated No-Call No Show/Late Cancellation Policy

July 2022 will mark 10 years as a massage therapist. I’ve heard from many of my peers that I should have a no-call no-show/cancellation fee on my bookings. I really didn’t want to do that and previously only applied it to new client appointments and specials.

Lately things have changed. I’ve heard it from other massage therapists, hair stylists, so many in personal services – last minute cancellations and no-call no-shows are increasing.

We all understand that things happen. We also have clearly stated policies about it. Standard is “please give at least 24 hours notice” so we have a chance to rebook the spot. Otherwise we sit with a big hole in the schedule and no income. We have people on cancellation lists that would love to take that spot if we have enough notice to call them.

Emergencies occur. I understand. It’s happened to me as well. People are gracious about it, and I try to comp something the next visit because I understand your time is valuable. If you call or text me to let me know you had an emergency I won’t charge the fee. Otherwise, as unfortunate as it is, I have to do it. Small business owners have struggled to stay afloat the last 2 years. Every day my doors are still open is a blessing.

Starting 1/28/2022, all appointments will require a card to hold the spot except prepaid packages. Your card won’t be charged unless the appointment is marked as a no show, which will happen 15 minutes after the scheduled time if you’re not here and I haven’t heard from you. There are two notifications that go out after an appointment is scheduled: a confirmation of booking when it happens, and a reminder (text, email or both) goes out the day before the appointment, so there’s reasonable notification of the appointments and time to reschedule or cancel if needed, outside of unforeseen emergencies.

For my regular clients who are so good about being here, if you’re uncomfortable putting in your card just give me a call or text me and I’ll schedule you. Or we can make sure we book your next visit before you leave your appointments.